Omega 3 is an unsaturated fatty acid. It serves as a major food additive in humane and in Veterinary Medicine.
Major source of omega-3 is cold water fish.

Healthy skin and coat: A study in dogs with atopic allergy, has shown that it is possible to overcome allergy symptoms by using omega-3 in 26% of cases. Using parallel medications better, and much better results. Even in situations of flea allergy dermatitis and food allergy we see significant improvement in allergy symptoms in dogs have added omega-3 treatment.
Use omega-3 highly recommended in situations of scaly, dry skin and matted fur.

Healthy joints: The addition of omega-3 diet in dogs suffering from arthritis is very effective in addressing the problem. It was found that levels of inflammatory factors in the synovial joint fluid significantly decreased in dogs treated with omega-3.
Cardiovascular system health: Many studies in men and dogs have shown that a significant reduction in cardiac arrhythmias in patients using Omega 3. Omega 3 also has blood pressure lowering activity, reducing excessive clotting activity, and decrease in triglycerides and cholesterol.

Immune system health: Right ratio of Omega 3:6 has a positive effect on the immune system of young dogs and older dogs. We recommend to add omega-3 in patients with chronic diseases.

Healthy kidney function: omega-3 supplementation in patients with chronic kidney, cause reduces in glomerular filtration and maintains the structure of the kidney..

Reproductive health and development system puppies: a direct correlation was found between omega-3 intake during pregnancy and the normal development of the brain in puppies. We can see a significant improvement in learning and memory in younger dogs who consumed omega-3.