The Only Joint Protector We Need

"The Wylie Veterinary Centre is a small animal hospital in Essex. We see a good number of patients suffering from degenerative joint disease either secondary to cruciate disease or other orthopaedic problems but also just due to obesity and wear and tear. We have a fully qualified physiotherapist who works from our practice with these patients as well as a travelling orthopaedic specialist surgeon. Our practice has been using Super-flex for the last 18 months as our primary chondroprotective agent with very encouraging results. The veterinary market has become flooded by chondroprotective agents in the last 5-10 years, but despite stiff competition this product has held its own in the market. It is reasonably priced, easy to administer, well tolerated and seems to offer most patients relief from joint discomfort. A good number of my clients have enquired about the option of an equivalent human product when they have seen the benefits in their pet. Personally, I no longer use alternative chrondro protectives."

Angela Doyle, Essex, United Kingdom



SUPER-FLEX Made him a Champion

"Zippo," was an 8 ½ year old Weimaraner, world champion 2006, when we began to see that Zippo was not the same dog, and was showing lack of vitality caused by aging. After I received a vet's recommendation, I decided to give Zippo Super-flex deer velvet. Three months later, Zippo's personal coach said that he had never seen Zippo in such a good shape and that he was ready for the world's championship. We had never dreamed that any dog Zippo's age could win the competition. There's no doubt that Super-flex helped Zippo to reach first place. I truly recommend that all dog breeders and owners give their dogs Super-flex as a food supplement on a daily basis in order to improve the quality of their dogs' lives. My other dog, Multi Ch. Camelot's Royal Flush "Roy," which reached Poland's championship in the same competition, also receives Super-flex. In addition, another dog I own, that suffers from a sensitive gastrointestinal system and who could only eat special medicated food, after receiving Super-flex can now can eat ordinary food with no gastrointestinal problems."

ILANA BARTAL, Breeder, Ramat Gan



A Secret to Behold

"An old friend introduced me to this fabulous product and managed to convince me 'to give it a try!' I tried it on Dougal, an 8 ½ year old Labrador with severe conformational problems and advanced osteoarthritis of both elbows. More than 24 months of continual therapy had produced variable relief. Within 2 weeks of starting Super-flex-V, Dougal's owner reported that Dougal had started to look forward to his walks, seemed brighter and she had even seen a little skip and a jump in his walk. Dougal's improvement prompted his owner to insist that I obtained further product just for Dougal. In another case, Tamdugh was a 13 year old Labrador Cross with generalised osteoarthritis and a bad attitude. Tamdugh had been on and off therapies for 7 months, which offered only temporary relief and did nothing for his intermittent stumbling over his hindlimbs or his bad attitude. Tamdugh's owners reported that within 14 days of starting Super-flex-V, he was 'moving like a pup, playful and demanding his walks.' No longer was his bad attitude a concern. After conducting five separate 'trials' on patients, I became hooked on the usefulness of this new found dietary supplement and thus committed to become more involved in its mystic mechanisms and uses. After all is said, it is the patient response and their owner's complete joy in the visual benefits that has cemented my belief in this product."

G. Baitz (BVSc) MRCVS MASFM, Esher, United Kingdom



First Medicine of Choice in Treating DJD

"In about February 2006 I became aware that products made from natural deer velvet were being used to treat dogs for arthritic conditions. As a result I investigated the use of deer velvet supplements and I studied scientific material that had been published on tests carried out using deer antler velvet. These papers showed that deer velvet supplement had a number of beneficial results. I then started using the New Zealand produced Super-flex product and found that the dogs that were treated with the supplement showed significant signs of improvement in movement and suppleness. Today Super-flex is my first medicine of choice in treating DJD."

Dr Noam Ronen, Hadera, Israel



Vital for Prevention and Cure

"Five years ago I was introduced to Super-flex. My dog, "Jet," a mixed, overweight Labrador, started limping on her rear limb. She was diagnosed with partially-torn Cruciate ligaments, went into an orthopedic surgery, and the surgeon replaced her ligaments. As an older, overweight Lab, the recovery from the surgery was hard for her, and soon after recovery she was diagnosed with the same tear of the ligaments in the other knee. Before another surgery and hard recovery, I decided try an alternative treatment. For 10 days Jet received anti-inflammatory drugs, together with Super-flex. After these 10 days, Jet stayed only on Super-flexfor around 2 months and started to show improvement in her limping leg. When these 2 months had passed, Jet became the happy Lab I always knew, and of course started chasing our neighborhood cats! Since then, 5 years ago, Jet is still getting her Super-flex deer velvet, and is functioning perfectly well and happy.

As a veterinarian, I meet a lot of dogs at the clinic suffering from joint and bone diseases. Whether these cases are acute ones caused by trauma, or chronic cases caused by age, my treatment - either supportive or surgical - will always be combined with and followed by Super-flex. As well, since preventative medicine is one of the important tools we veterinarians need to use and since I believe in the advantages of Super-flex, I have also started giving it to large breed puppies for maintaining their skeleton during their growth periods. Super-flex pills are very palatable, so with dogs and especially with puppies it is very convenient to give – it can even be used as a treat. It is important to note that in addition to healthier and happier dogs, I have also gained much more satisfied customers."

Nirit Tzipory, DVM, Miami, Florida, USA



Dramatic Results from this Alternative Treatment

"My name is Dr Galit Levin Gichon. I have been using Super-flex for many years, and the by-products made from the deer antler as well. Results are amazing – immediately after administering Super-flex on a daily basis, my patients demonstrate a big improvement. The lameness and pain improve dramatically, and the patients have more energy and vitality. Super-flex with deer velvet improves immune function and is a natural supplement for the treatment of arthritis. In traditional medicine, deer velvet has long been recognized as being effective for both increasing the circulation of blood, and its volume. Also, deer velvet has the ability to alleviate pain of inflammation, such as joints pain, so it relieves symptoms of arthritis."

Dr Galit Levin Gichon, NYC, New York, USA



The Evidence is In

"We pride ourselves on having one of Israel's most advanced veterinary clinics, fully equipped with the latest technology available in the world of veterinary medicine. Our 5 highly qualified vets attend conferences around the world and we endeavor to stay current with new developments in our field. For years I have tried the full range of neutraceutical products, and three years ago I began introducing Super-flex into my patients' regimens. Since then, I have heard again and again from clients that it is causing miracles to happen with their pets – the results are truly well beyond those we achieved with any other natural product. I believe it is the best neutraceutical to use for DJD in particular, and for many other debilitating conditions as well."

Sharon Regev, Tel Aviv, Israel



Superflex Worked when No Other Treatment Did

"When I first became aware of the Super-flex deer antler product I carried out trials on two dogs that were referred to my practice. One was a Perinean mountain dog, 6 years of age suffering from severe hip dyspepsia. This dog had been treated with Rimadyl for over one year and Glucosamin for more than three months. The dog had showed no significant improvement as a result of these treatments. The second was a Roti X GSD after trauma and Cox femoral luxation was treated with Rimadyl and Glocosamin for a period of one month but without and marked improvement. Both dogs were treated with Super-flex deer velvet supplement and almost from the day I started them on this treatment, there was a noticeable improvement. For the Perinean (dog # 1), the Rimadyl dosage was reduced to 10% and for the Roti X the Rimadyl treatment was ceased. I now use Super-flex on a regular basis for treatment of DJD in both dogs and cats. Because of the results I have seen from the animals that are treated with the deer velvet supplement, I now personally take the deer velvet supplement specifically formulated for human consumption."

Dr Mushick Refaelovich, Kfar Saba Israel



Best Choice for Breeders

"As a breeder of world-class champion collies, it is of utmost importance to my business and to me personally, that our dogs receive the best care possible. I was first introduced to Super-flex after one of the puppies I sold was diagnosed as a total hip dysplasia – grade D, the lowest possible and putting him out of the running for showing or breeding. This puppy couldn't walk, and his two hind legs were paralyzed. Three weeks after I put him on Super-flex, this little puppy started walking again. This alone was miraculous, but then a year later when I sent his hip x-rays to the committee to receive a new grading, he received a grade B, which means suitable for breeding purposes. Since then I have used Super-flex on all of my puppies to enhance their bone development, and on most of my adult dogs, both as a preventative treatment and to treat DJD/OA. I can't imagine running my business now without using Super-flex."

Ina Simkin, Kfar Yona, Israel



A Tonic with Numerous Applications

"Super-flex has a number of therapeutic applications for animal treatment, including applications as a tonic and food additive, and especially as a therapeutic for numerous muscular-skeletal conditions. Therapeutic response to Super-flex is very good."

Mike Brown, BVSc, Veterinary Surgeon, Rangiora, New Zealand